Zyliss’ All-Citrus Juicer is the tool to use for squeezing oranges, lemons and limes of all sizes. The design enables use of countertop for added leverage. It has a detachable juicing cup, with an integrated pouring spout, that catches juice as it’s pressed! Non-slip base. All parts come apart for easy cleaning. High quality material; outstanding construction. By Zyliss. Zyliss is a Swiss company that’s been around for over 50 years. They’re internationally known for their finely crafted hand-held kitchen tools. Legendary durability quality and engineering, Zyliss tools have been a favorite in the United States for over four decades. All of the Zyliss products are made of only the finest materials using the most modern production methods. Each Zyliss tool is precision made and undergoes stringent inspection before being introduced to the market.