- This Clock is made of MDF wood (not real wood) and graining coating.
- 2 ways of display: 1, only displays time; 2, displays time, date and temperature in cycles.
- Sound Control Function(SCF): when SCF’S on, the LED display turns off after about 15 seconds. You clap hands/simply touch the clock to activate the display. SCF can also be CLOSED, and clock displays time constantly, all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1, Only display time: long press VIOCE/SWITCH button for more than 3 seconds;
2, Close/Open sound control function: short press VIOCE/SWITCH button. You would see “on sd” on the screen when sound control is open. On the contrary, “– sd” shows when it is turned off;
3, Check Alarm Status: you would see “on:A1″ on the screen when alarm is set. On the contrary, “–:A1″ shows when alarm is turned off;
4, The single round light on the upper left: It is the indicator light to tell you that it is afternoon or evening now, which works when 12-hour format chosen. To turn it off, you have to switch to 24-hour format.

1x LED Clock
2x Built-in AG3 Batteries
1x AC Adapter
1x User Manual


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