Fancy treating your book collection a little lift? Looking for a fun and creative way to declutter? Then the Umbra Conceal Bookshelf may be just the solution for you and your interior. This invisible book shelf will have guests scratching their heads trying to work out just how you’ve managed to suspend your book collection on seemingly thin air! Turning convention on its head, the Umbra Conceal Bookshelf will magically transform a once heavy pile of books into a captivating wall-mounted optical illusion. Try using a collection of these Conceal Bookshelves in close configuration to create your very own instant floating library. Used as a contemporary bedside shelf or as an intriguing way of displaying your favourite books in your living space, the Umbra Conceal Book Shelf fixes quickly and easily onto your wall wherever you want it with just a couple of screws. This article will make a most unusual and funky gift for those of us that like to do things a little differently. Umbra Conceal Book Shelf specifications: Material: Metal Dimensions: 13 Height x 13 Width x 14 Depth Shelf Holds: 6.8Kg max load; 41cm max stack height 20cm Max Book Depth Designer: Miron Lior