This one seems like a no-brainer. I’d originally thought there would be two recipes in here. Recipe 1: Bacon by itself. Recipe 2:  Things you can wrap in bacon. Recipe 3: ????. Apparently theres a whole world of dishes that I’m excluding bacon from…and that seems wrong.

Book review (Library Journal, October 15, 2007) 

With his typical evocative prose, Villas, author of a dozen other cookbooks (including The Glory of Southern Cooking), asks, “Who, under any circumstances, is not rendered almost helpless by the tantalizing sound of bacon sizzling slowly in a skillet, by the taunting backwoods aroma that permeates the air…?” He opens with a guide to “the international world of bacon” (including pancetta, lard fumé, and other relatives), which is followed by mouthwatering recipes for all courses of a meal, from Lacquered Japanese Bacon to Portuguese Egg and Bacon Pudding. There are, in fact, several other cookbooks devoted to bacon, including Sara Perry’s Everything Tastes Better with Bacon, but with its irresistible recipes and wealth of information and lore, Villas’s new title is recommended for most collections.