La Savonnerie du Sérail is the last remaining artisanal soapmaker located in the heart of Marseilles, France. Established in 1949, the factory is dedicated to the production of traditional Marseilles soap (or as the locals call it, Savon de Marseille) following methods established in the 17th century by the edict of Colbert. Savon de Marseille is entirely natural soap made either from saponified olive oil or saponified vegetable oil (in our case, palm and copra oils). This authentic French soap is handmade from olive oil and quadruple milled with the addition of green tea aromatic oil and crushed pieces of green tea leaves for gentle skin exfoliation. Free of sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate, phthalates, parabens, tallowate, synthetic fragrance or artificial coloring, it gently cleanses the skin and rinses off completely without stripping skin’s natural oils. Convenient 150-gram bar.