The Resonant Tuning Fork Set is designed to demonstrate the resonance, interference and “beat” of a sound. The detachable high quality tuning forks in this set can also be used as a source of sound in other acoustical experiments, such as the speed of sound, the propagation of sound in gas, liquid and solid. The Tuning Forks resonate at 440Hz which is the note of A (which is considered the international “concert pitch”). Includes a pair of chromium plated carbon steel tuning forks mounted on wooden resonance boxes. This set also includes a rubber hammer. -Frequency of Tuning Forks: 440Hz -Cross Section of Arms: 6.5 x 16mm -Length of Arms: 109mm -Distance between Arms: 17mm -Material of Resonance Boxes: Pine -Dimension of Resonance Boxes: 180 x 88 x 50mm