From our remarkable collection of 150+ double printed image room divider floor screens. almost 6 feet tall and about 3 and a half feet wide when displayed slightly folded to stand upright. solidly crafted for strength and durablility with hardy kiln dried spruce frames, covered with tough, puncture resistant, cotton poly blend canvas. we’ve chosen unique pop art, architecture, cityscapes, landscapes, animals, plants, impressionist paintings and more-and if you get tired of the image on one side, just turn it around-they are hardy, lightweight and portable. these screens are mostly opaque, allowing almost no light or shadows, providing complete privacy. note this collection of floor screens looks great from both the front or back, unlike most japanese shoji screens, with lattice only on the front. also make a great extra large art print mounted on the wall. great for dividing two spaces, providing privacy, hiding unsightly areas or equipment, a background for plants or sculptures or for.