The octopus is a crafty creature. Search it out on the internets, and you will see octopi (or octopuses or octopodes – pick your favorite) changing color and shape (sometimes mimicking other animals) and even walking on land. But why, oh why, would you ever expect to find one hiding in your coffee? Well, because you have an Octopus Surprise Mug – that’s why! Each Octopus Surprise Mug looks like a harmless mug made of gleaming white porcelain. But inside, lurks an octopus, waiting for your beverage level to drop. And then . . . IT WILL EAT YOUR FACE OFF!!!! Ok, it won’t, but if you’re not expecting it, it surely will startle you. But don’t think of the octopus in the Octopus Surprise Mug as mean; think of him or her as waiting to congratulate you for drinking another cup of liquid. Eight arms clapping – just for you.

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