I remember being at PAX east when they had these to play for the first time (at least to my knowledge). I waited in line for an hour to play, but it was worth it. The 3DS has really brought back to life one of my favorite gaming systems. The Nintendo franchises are usually what makes their systems great, and the 3ds is no exception. Mario, Link et al are present and on top form. Buy one.

From Amazon:

Modern handheld gaming has long been dominated by Nintendo and Sony. Each hardware manufacturer has multiple viable offerings derived either directly, or evolving from the respective DS and PlayStation Portable product lines. All of these devices are impressive multifunctional devices, with designs meant to encourage gameplay on the go, integration with the Internet, backwards compatibility to previous games, and so on, but each goes about this in different ways. Taking a few minutes to examine the main features, and getting more familiar with available options, accessories and possible limitations of each handheld is the optimal way to determine which is the best choice for a player.

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