Made of high-quality brown leather, this pair of grill gloves helps protect hands and wrists from the heat when barbecuing outside on the back deck or even inside, when pulling the Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven. Unlike a traditional barbeque mitt, these gloves offer enhances dexterity, making it possible to pick up a grilling tool by the handle on the first try. Each glove measures approximately 15 by 7 by 1/2 inches, and one size fits all.

Product Description

Outset’s 15-inch Leather Grill Gloves allow for more dexterity and control than a traditional mitt. Helps to keep your hands and arms safe from burns while barbequing.Impeccably manufactured to meet exclusive standards in outdoor entertaining, the quality of Outset’s barbeque accessories is peerless. Set of 2. One size fits all.

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