By squaring this skillet and flaring its sides, famed French cookware manufacturer Le Creuset offers extra cooking room for steaks, fish, burgers, or any food that benefits from stovetop grilling and the caramelized flavor imparted by seared grill marks. The raised ribs in the grill’s bottom not only provide those marks but also help excess fat and grease drain away from food for lower-calorie cooking. Because cast iron is unmatched for heat retention and even heat distribution (no hot spots), foods will cook uniformly in the 10-1/4-inch-square grill. The unit’s exterior provides a colorful, long-lasting enamel that resists chipping and cracking, while its inside offers a durable black enamel finish (no seasoning required). The grill also provides a sturdy, integrated handle with an opposite helper handle for secure transport, as well as dual nondrip spouts–one on each side to accommodate left- and right-handed pouring. Even more, the grill works on any stovetop, in the oven, or under a broiler. It’s also stylish enough (think French farmhouse kitchen) to bring to the table. Though it’s dishwasher-safe, hand washing preserves a patina that builds up with use and aids in the grill’s stick resistance. The skillet grill measures approximately 11-3/4 by 16-3/4 by 2 inches and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

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