This sturdy, durable wand steamer presses wrinkles out of garments, drapes, and upholstery quicker and easier than an iron, and it doesn’t “shine” or scorch fabrics like an iron can. Wand steamers are popular in the fashion and entertainment fields, where wardrobe crews must keep clothing immaculate while working quickly. This 1,300-watt steamer shoots high-velocity steam jets out of a 6-inch-wide head to smooth any fabric from sheer silk to thick wool. A removable water tank provides up to 90 minutes of steaming time. The steamer heats in a minute and then rolls to work on sturdy casters. Garments and drapes can be pressed where they hang, including closets, or garments can be hung from a loop atop the steamer’s sturdy aluminum rod, which screws together to rise 62 inches above the floor. For storage, the rod has a holder for the wand.

J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head and 3-Pronged Grounded Cord Set