Cradle yourself in complete comfort from head to toe. The Comfort-U Body Pillow was designed by Jean Kelly, RN when she was diagnosed with firbromylagia – an ailment that causes chronic joint and muscle pain. On your side or on your back, sitting up or lying down, the Comfort-U Body Support pillow allows you to stretch out and cradle your entire body in support and comfort. This extraordinary pillow helps keep every part of your body in perfect alignment, so a more restful sleep is a dream come true. The Comfort-U Body Support Pillow can be extremely effective at helping to reduce back pain. And the Comfort-U Pillow is the perfect pregnancy pillow – allowing you to find that elusive comfy pillow arrangment. Whether you suffer from fibromylagia, back pain or just want a fun and useful body pillow – the Comfort-U Body Support Pillow is the only pillow of it’s kind.

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