Coir, also known as coco, is a gift of nature extracted from the husk of coconuts and is one of the strongest natural fiber available. The husks are retted in lagoons for up to ten months to soften the fibers. These golden fibers are beaten with wooden mallets, fluffed and spun into yarn using spinning wheels called “ratts”. With rare skills and craftmanship, handed down through generations, this golden fiber is either meticulously handwoven or power loomed with a PVC backing in the Southern region of India to create a wide assortment of enchanting door mats, matting and rugs. Widely used and heavily favoured for hundreds of years, coir products are well known for their rigid strength, mildew resistance and water absorbancy. The sturdy bristles of the door mat brush clean stubborn dirt and hides it within the fibers to protect your home interior. Not You Again message design stenciled in natural and acrylic dyes for a durable design.