Keylime trees make a perfect patio plant, anywhere in the country. Keylimes are great for cooking or garnishing drinks. They are great for adding flavor to fish or meat dishes. You can also put together a delicious keylime pie for desert! Keylime Trees bloom beautiful flowers that give off a very sweet welcoming scent that will fill your home. At the very least these beautiful trees can be used as a decorative piece in your home About Fruit Production: Due to the blossoming cycles of Citrus & Fruit Trees we cannot guarantee that any of our trees will arrive with developed fruit on them. Since our trees are grown from grafts of mature trees, they do produce fruit years sooner than a seeded tree would. Usually our trees will begin to blossom and produce fruit around two to three years old. The older a tree is, the more likely it is to produce fruit. Fruit production is seriously effected by the care that the tree receives and also the climate that the tree resides in. With proper care, any of our trees will thrive and produce fruit for many years. That’s why we back our trees with a 3 year warranty!