Meyer Lemons are the Best Selling Patio Citrus Trees: Meyer Lemon Trees are so hardy they can grow indoors or out. If you live in a colder climate no problem! Your can easily move your Meyer Lemon Tree inside for the winter. They will still produce fruit prolifically. The larger the tree the sooner you will have fruit on your tree. Meyer Lemons also ripen over several months, not all at once.Meyer Lemons are much sweeter then the standard lemon. Great fruit for juicing and Lemon meringue pie! There is always something going with a Meyer Lemon Tree tree. It is either flowering or blooming. Tons of fun for you and your family. Meyer Lemon trees are forgiving and highly adaptable. ?With the proper care Meyer Lemon Trees are capable of producing fruit for over 30 years! About Fruit Production: Due to the blossoming cycles of Citrus & Fruit Trees we cannot guarantee that any of our trees will arrive with developed fruit on them. Since our trees are grown from grafts of mature trees, they do produce fruit years sooner than a seeded tree would. Usually our trees will begin to blossom and produce fruit around two to three years old. The older a tree is, the more likely it is to produce fruit. Fruit production is seriously effected by the care that the tree receives and also the climate that the tree resides in. With proper care, any of our trees will thrive and produce fruit for many years. That’s why we back our trees with a 3 year warranty!

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